Fukusuke Corporation was established in May 1960 in west Ginza as a sushi restaurant ‘Uogashi Chokuei Fukusuke’, by high-end fresh seafood wholesaler Tsukuken Shoten (founded in 1916), located in the Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market.

Since then, Fukusuke has continued to run sushi restaurants, Japanese restaurants, tempura restaurants, and teppanyaki restaurants that offer fresh ingredients prepared with impeccable techniques at affordable and transparent prices. Restaurants are operated under the names Fukusuke or Horikawa, and can be found in Ginza, Akasaka, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro, Osaki, and Yokohama.

Sushidokoro Ginza Fukusuke offers delicious sushi at affordable and transparent prices, while welcoming guests with the heart of Japanese hospitality. Horikawa specializes in Japanese dishes, tempura, and sushi, all served with warm and excellent hospitality.
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